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Need Medical Waste Removal

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Need Medical Waste Removal

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions provides reliable, cost-effective medical waste disposal service to large and small quantity generators of medical waste. At, Medi-Waste Transport Solutions, we recognized a need for standardized costs across an industry largely dominated by a single entity. There were too many instances where customers like you were being charged drastically different prices for the same service. Some industry leaders continue to use this pricing strategy on their own customers, charging similar waste generators not-so-similar prices. In an industry full of regulations, there appeared to be none when it came to reasonable and fair business practices.

What resulted was an alliance formed with independent transporters and destruction facilities to provide the safest and most economical destruction of medical waste. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the quick, reliable service you have come to expect from your medical waste hauler with the peace of mind that you are not paying more than your neighbor, and that your waste is being properly disposed of.

If you are in the medical field you can’t help but have noticed that the way in which you must handle medical disposal of items such as infectious waste, out of date drugs and sharps has been changing. You are no longer permitted to send any of these types of medical waste out in your regular trash where it will end up polluting the landfills and putting the health of man people at risk.

Modern medical disposal is now very strictly regulated by both individual states and the federal government organizations. You will now need to use companies like Medi-Waste Transport Solutions to pick up your medical waste and to handle your medical waste disposal. After is has arrived at our facility, your waste is separated according to category and disposed of in accordance with very strict regulations. You will receive confirmation that all of your waste has been disposed of properly for you records.

If you were to ask the average personal what they consider to be hazardous medical waste, you might expect them to answer bloody bandages, sharps or anything that has some form of human bodily fluids on it. Then if you were to ask them how these things are disposed of, the average person is likely to you they have no idea. When you tell them it has to be handled by a medical waste company, they are likely to be surprised.

As a medical waste pickup company, Medi-Waste Transport Solutions can handle each of these forms of medical waste with ease, but these are one small part of the medical waste we take care of. We handle a full range of pharmaceuticals including partially used items, expired drugs and medications and those where the packaging has been damaged or found open.

Services Provided:

  • Medical waste disposal
  • Medical waste transport
  • Medical waste hauling
  • Infectious waste removal
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Sharps collection and disposal

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions

Is a bio-medical management company operating in South Florida.  We remove and dispose of all forms of Bio-hazard waste.  Typically this includes blood and any material that is contaminated by blood, blood-borne pathogens or any form of bodily fluids and or tissues.  Our primary goal is to provide an affordable, reliable option to the health care industry while complying with all Federal, State and local regulations.

Our company is licensed and approved by the Florida Department of Health as Medical waste transporters.  We have the required permits by the Environmental Resource Division and are registered with the US Department of Transportation ensuring compliance at every level for all medical facility types and sizes.

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions owners have over 10 years of experience in the medical field.

Our Story:

“While involved in the medical field we saw many failures of the medical waste transporters.  Many would not provide timely service; others charged high monthly fees with fuel surcharges, energy surcharges, or surcharges for having access to online training, just to mention a few.  Contract would run 2, 3, or even 5 years with warnings of extensive penalties if you cancelled.

This is how Medi-Waste Transport Solutions was born.  We understood that an alternative was needed that would address all the previously mentioned failures; A comprehensive medical waste removal program that was customer oriented, provided straight forward competitive pricing, responded to emergency pickups and would allow the customer to truly tailor the program to their needs with no additional fees.

our customers always receive personal attention by a staff member who knows them.  We believe in establishing a bond with our clients in a caring, professional manner that assures they are at home with us.”

Need to file a complaint on a company or individual?  Now it can be done at  Medi-Waste Transport Solutions has been serving Miami, Florida and Fort Lauderdale Florida respectively for over 20 years.  Call Medi-Waste Transport Solutions today at  305 722.0002.

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