Medi-Waste Exclusive Offer and Services

We want you to experience the difference in having Medi-Waste Transport Solutions handle your Medical Waste stream. Our programs are designed with you in mind, addressing each of your needs. All customers receive prompt, friendly , professional service, whether they generate one box per month or one full truck per week.

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  1. Medical waste is disposed of safely keeping accurate records of destruction
  2. Our Uniformed drivers are Fully trained, Licensed and Insured
  3. Our invoices are easy to understand and are accompanied by all required documentation
  4. We know your city, county and state requirements
  5. We are registered and approved for Medical Waste Transportation and disposal by Florida Department of Health, DOT and are OSHA compliant
  6. All Transportation and destruction is tracked via a manifest as required by law
  7. We carefully monitor shipping manifest assuring proper labeling minimizing risk


  1. Guaranteed best prices to our customers
  2. Our team constantly searches for the most affordable sharp containers, Red bags and other available products to pass the savings to you
  3. Referral program offered among other unique services


  1. Affordable does not mean compromised reliability and customer service.  Medi-Waste Transport Solutions has state of the art computer systems, assuring proper scheduling for your services.
  2. Friendly, professional personnel who will respond to your every need immediately
  3. Emergency service pickup within 24 hrs
  4. Custom tracking system assuring control for individual in home patient services



  1. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Services
  2. Sharp Containers – All Sizes
  3. Bio-Medical Waste Boxes w/Red Bag Liner
  4. 15 Gallon
  5. 30 Gallon
  6. 96 Gallon Medical Waste Cart – Lockable (Interior/Exterior use)
  7. 150 + Gallon Medical Waste Dumpster – Lockable

We will do what it takes to satisfy your needs and earn your business. Request a quote on line or call to speak with one of our professional customer service representatives.

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