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Miami’s Most Trusted Medical Waste Removal Company

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Medi-Waste Transport Solutions – Miami’s Most Trusted Medical Waste Removal Company

Is a bio-medical management company operating in South Florida.  We remove and dispose of all forms of Bio-hazard waste.  Typically this includes blood and any material that is contaminated by blood, blood-borne pathogens or any form of bodily fluids and or tissues.  Our primary goal is to provide an affordable, reliable option to the health care industry while complying with all Federal, State and local regulations.

Our company is licensed and approved by the Florida Department of Health as Medical waste transporters.  We have the required permits by the Environmental Resource Division and are registered with the US Department of Transportation ensuring compliance at every level for all medical facility types and sizes.

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions owners have over 10 years of experience in the medical field.

Our Story:

“While involved in the medical field we saw many failures of the medical waste transporters.  Many would not provide timely service; others charged high monthly fees with fuel surcharges, energy surcharges, or surcharges for having access to online training, just to mention a few.  Contract would run 2, 3, or even 5 years with warnings of extensive penalties if you cancelled.

This is how Medi-Waste Transport Solutions was born.  We understood that an alternative was needed that would address all the previously mentioned failures; A comprehensive medical waste removal program that was customer oriented, provided straight forward competitive pricing, responded to emergency pickups and would allow the customer to truly tailor the program to their needs with no additional fees.

our customers always receive personal attention by a staff member who knows them.  We believe in establishing a bond with our clients in a caring, professional manner that assures they are at home with us.”

Serving Miami-Dade and South Florida, Medi-Waste Transport Solutions is a full service biomedical waste disposal hauler and transporter headquartered in Miami, Florida and providing comprehensive biohazardous infectious waste collection, removal, transport and treatment services to healthcare facilities and other medical waste generators located in Florida.

For the small to medium quantity medical waste generator, Medi-Waste Transport Solutions offers a uniquely economical and complete system of biomedical waste containment, hauling and disposal by providing the protective containers and regular pickups, as well as offering the basic medical safety products that most hospital operations, medical offices and dental practices require such as paper products, antimicrobial hand washing products, hand disinfectants and dispensers, surgical and exam grade gloves, anti-viral and disinfectant cleaning chemicals and wipes, can liners, copy paper and other medical supplies. As an added bonus, Medi-Waste Transport Solutions also provides disposal services for other waste items unique to healthcare facilities such as confidential documents and expired pharmaceuticals.

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions provides comprehensive, affordable and reliable medical waste management solutions for large, medium and small facilities, allowing hospitals, outpatient care facilities, doctors, dentists and all other biomedical waste generators to more effectively manage their waste while reducing exposure to future liability. Operating in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, Medi-Waste Transport Solutions assumes full responsibility for all medical waste the minute it leaves your facility, effectively putting an end to your medical waste management problems today and keeping them from resurfacing tomorrow.

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