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Are you in violation of OSHA regulations?

Avoid costly OSHA fines by taking advantage of our easy and effective OSHA Compliance program. Understanding OSHA Compliance is a huge challenge facing our clients, and one we would like to make disappear. Whether you are a large corporate office or small independent one, OSHA Compliance standards are applied equally.

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions has partnered with a leading OSHA Safety Compliance company to educate and ensure that our clients are meeting Federal and State regulations.

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions Compliance service offers its clients a single source solution to becoming completely compliant and avoiding paying fees for expensive violations. Did you know that serious OSHA violations can cost up to $25,000 per violation? And that if you willfully ignore a violation you could be fined up to $70,000? By providing safety professionals to evaluate your offices thoroughly for these possible violations, Barnett allows you to focus on what it is really important: serving your clients.

OSHA compliance services and tools we offer:

  • Safety Program Audit – a safety professional will evaluate your current safety program or develop one which meets OSHA requirements.
  • OSHA Compliant Safety Training – OSHA-Institute trained instructors are engaging, informative and provide comprehensive training to your staff.
  • Inspection and Assessment – a top to bottom assessment of your office is made to ensure proper chemical labeling, checking for required signage and any violations.
  • OSHA Safety Manuals – comprehensive and customizable, contain ATD module.
  • MSDS Manual – fully organized and complete.
  • Records Manual – helps you easily comply with all recording and reporting required by OSHA.
  • OSHA Posters – required in every office.
  • Emergency Posters – illustrate what to do in in the event of a needle stick, proper hand hygiene, cough etiquette, etc.
  • Library of Safety Topics – perfect for enhancing your current safety meetings.

In addition, we offer customer support for answering any questions or concerns you or your staff may have. OSHA compliance can be complicated, but with Medi-Waste Transport Solutions new Compliance Program we provide our clients peace of mind.

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a free mock inspection of your office. You will receive a comprehensive and confidential evaluation report!

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