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Hialeah Medical Waste Transportation Services

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As industry experts, we know the how to find the best price, what to look for in contracts and invoices and most importantly, we know what your current hauler doesn’t want you to know. We Offer;

  • Localize Service Plans – Each of your locations needs different services and prices vary by location. First Medical Waste Disposal researches each zip code to optimize each location’s services.
  • Optimize Service Level – Only pay for the amount of service you need. Company size and amount of waste each week varies by company, so don’t pay for three pickups if you only need one.
  • Optimize Containers – Without restrictive affiliations, we use a range of containers to get you the best container for the job, not just the best equipment “we sell.”
  • Monitor Contracts – We immediately monitor your contracts so you don’t miss a cancelation deadline or incur high penalties, then we watch invoices to catch any extra charges without your knowledge.

With our national leverage pricing structure;Even to single medical offices our National Medical Waste Management Program has the experience and national influence to serve our clients efficiently and save them money.We guarantee a minimum of a 15% savingsIf your fed up with the your current medical waste disposal company constantly raising your prices and treating you like a number, call First Medical Waste Disposal for a free quote. We guarantee a minimum of a 15% savings when compared to the other national medical waste disposal company.We can manage your current vendors’ contract for you.Even if you are under an existing contract for medical waste disposal, Medi-Waste Transport Solutions can take the burden off of you and your staff, and manage your current vendors’ contract for you. We are experts in medical waste management, and we can assist you in preventing future price increases until you or able to switch to our service.Provide Legal ExpertiseIf government ordinances restrict your options, our experts know how to work within the system. We achieve results faster, cheaper and with less disruption.

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions, founded as a medical waste brokerage firm.

We specialize in medical waste management – For owners and managers of medical and long term care facilities, our clients are large and small.

We give you the ease and flexibility you need to let us manage, a compliant medical waste disposal solution for you.

Our firm comes with specialized Knowledge – Don’t worry about your industry specific waste needs. We know how to find the best vendors for all of our customers. Combining the best of each vendor saves you money.

Here are just a few ways Medi-Waste Transport Solutions services save you money:

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service:
  • 1 866 301.3404
  • 9900 N.W. 80TH AVE BAY 4-O

Phone : 305 722.0002
FAX : 305 722.0004
Email :
Website :

Other helpful contacts:

If you have a complaint – file your complaints at

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