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What Are The Dangers of Medical Waste?

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What Are The Dangers of Medical Waste?  The most significant risks associated with medical waste include accidental exposure to infectious material and cross-contamination. Infection is to never be taken lightly, but sometimes the contamination can be deadly. Diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis can be transferred through the means of medical waste. In fact, records show that US healthcare workers suffer almost 400,000 needle-stick injuries every year.

These accidental pokes could expose them to blood borne viruses which can lead to the transmission of serious diseases. It is therefore imperative for every healthcare facility to take the necessary precautions needed to protect their staff and clients from the serious risks of medical waste. Besides for safely containing the waste, each and every facility needs a specialized company like Medi-Waste Transport Solutions to pickup, transfer and neutralize the medical byproduct.

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