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Miami Biomedical Waste Management

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Miami Biomedical Waste Management

Oversight of Biomedical Waste Management is conducted to assure proper identification, segregation, containment, storage and labeling of Biomedical Waste.

What is Biomedical Waste?

Biomedical Waste is:
– Any liquid or solid waste that may present a threat of infection to humans
– Liquid waste: blood and any other fluids from humans
– Solid waste: syringes, needles, clothing, towels, rags, sheets, gloves, plastic bags, or any objects soiled with blood or other body fluids.

Biomedical Waste Operating Plan

For more information call 305-623-3500.

Important links:
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Florida Department of Health – Biomedical Waste

– Application for Biomedical Waste Generator Permit / Exemption DH4089
– Application for Biomedical Waste Transporter Registration DH4106
– Application for Biomedical Waste Storage Permit DH4107
– Application for Biomedical Waste Sharps Collection Program Permit DH4108
– Biomedical Waste Transporter Annual Report DH4109
– Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility Annual Report DH4110
– Application for Biomedical Waste Treatment Permit DH4111
– Biomedical Waste Training Video Order Form 

For home disposal of biomedical waste, click here

For the State’s Biomedical Waste Program, click here

Body Piercing
The Miami-Dade County Health Department conducts yearly inspections of Body Piercing Salons. Inspections are conducted by a nurse and an Environmental Health Specialist. Body Piercing Salons must obtain a permit yearly and attend a piercing certification class annually. The program also investigates complaints of under age piercing.
Contact: Grisellyn Schmidt
Phone 305-623-3590
Fax 305-623-3520

Procedures for Plan Review Appointment

All facilities that provide tanning services are inspected once every year. Facilities must comply with Chapter 69 E – 16 FAC. New Tanning Salon must come for a plan review before opening the facility.
Contact: Grisellyn Schmidt
Phone 305-623-3590
Fax 305-623-3520

Body Art

Complaints of unlicensed activities at any of the above mentioned establishment must be directed to the unlicensed activity office. Complaints at any of these facilities are handle by the boards directly.

Grisellyn Schmidt
Environment Specialist III / Coordinator

Sharp Disposal. For more information, please click here.
Body Piercing

Contact: Grisellyn Schmidt
Phone 305-623-3590
Fax 305-623-3520
Email Address:

Francis Arab
Jenelle Williams
Sheik Khan
Sonal Sharma

For more information about the State Biomedical Programs, please click here.

24 Hour Emergency Service:
1 866 301.3404

9900 N.W. 80TH AVE BAY 4-O

Phone : 305 722.0002
FAX : 305 722.0004

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