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Medical Waste Transportation Miami Florida

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Medical Waste Transportation Miami Florida can be found at the Department of Health website at:  Medi-Waste Transport Solutions has been a trusted provider of the community for several years.

Need a medical waste transportation company?  Medi-Waste Transport Solutions is your answer.  Medi-Waste is a bio-medical management company operating in South Florida.  We remove and dispose of all forms of Bio-hazard waste.  Typically this includes blood and any material that is contaminated by blood, blood-borne pathogens or any form of bodily fluids and or tissues.  Our primary goal is to provide an affordable, reliable option to the health care industry while complying with all Federal, State and local regulations.

Our company is licensed and approved by the Florida Department of Health as Medical waste transporters.  We have the required permits by the Environmental Resource Division and are registered with the US Department of Transportation ensuring compliance at every level for all medical facility types and sizes.

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions owners have over 10 years of experience in the medical field.

Our Story:

“While involved in the medical field we saw many failures of the medical waste transporters.  Many would not provide timely service; others charged high monthly fees with fuel surcharges, energy surcharges, or surcharges for having access to online training, just to mention a few.  Contract would run 2, 3, or even 5 years with warnings of extensive penalties if you cancelled.

This is how Medi-Waste Transport Solutions was born.  We understood that an alternative was needed that would address all the previously mentioned failures; A comprehensive medical waste removal program that was customer oriented, provided straight forward competitive pricing, responded to emergency pickups and would allow the customer to truly tailor the program to their needs with no additional fees.

our customers always receive personal attention by a staff member who knows them.  We believe in establishing a bond with our clients in a caring, professional manner that assures they are at home with us.”

  • Medi-Waste Transport Solutions:
    24 Hour Emergency Service:
    1 866 301.3404
    9900 N.W. 80TH AVE BAY 4-O
  • Phone : 305 722.0002
  • Fax : 305 722.0004
  • Email :
    Website :

Medi-Waste Transport Solutions specializes in collecting and disposing of all forms of Bio-hazard medical waste. Our primary goal is to provide an affordable, reliable option handling your medical waste while complying with state and local regulations. All containers transported to our facilities for disposal and treatment are counted and weighted to ensure proper tracking and confirmation of destruction of waste as required by state and local laws. We offer same-day biohazards waste removal or regularly scheduled medical waste collection in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

We offer a variety of containers to meet your needs. Including Biomedical boxes, sharp containers and large capacity carts with biohazard red bag liners meeting Florida Department of Health and DOT regulations

Medical Waste Transportation and Disposal Services:

  1. Medical Service Facilities
  2. Home Health Agencies
  3. Hospitals
  4. Blood banks
  5. Veterinary Clinics
  6. Funeral Homes
  7. Any Medical Waste Generators


  1. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Services
  2. Sharp Containers – All Sizes
  3. Bio-Medical Waste Boxes w/Red Bag Liner
  4. 15 Gallon
  5. 30 Gallon
  6. 96 Gallon Medical Waste Cart – Lockable (Interior/Exterior use)
  7. 150 + Gallon Medical Waste Dumpster – Lockable

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Other helpful contacts:

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